At Blendon Gardens we envision your project in its entirity, searching for the right balance and interplay among the fundamental design elements such as color, texture, shape and scale.

We offer a complete set of installation services with specialists in landscape, hardscape, irrigation, lighting, pavers and water features. And that’s why Blendon Gardens, along with our sister companies Polaris Irrigation, Polaris Lighting and Polaris Pavers, create beautiful and functional environments that our clients enjoy for many years.

Hardscape — in nature opposites coexist harmoniously

There’s no better way to add individuality and uniqueness to your landscape than through the addition of brick, wood or stone.

Blendon Gardens understands the importance of design counterbalance and offers a variety of hardscape approaches for your space. Whether that vision includes steps, stone walls or small structures, Blendon Gardens can realize a compelling vision.


Irrigation — verdant grass & lush plants while saving water

Proper watering is vital to keeping your landscape at its healthiest and most vibrant. Combined with today’s water-conserving technology, precise water application and proper timing, irrigation can be done in a responsible manner both ecologically and economically.

Visit our Polaris Irrigation site:


Pavers — a stepping stone into nature’s home

Great landscaping is meant to be enjoyed, not only through a window, but by being within it. Paving creates access to areas within your new environment that offer an intimate setting to live, work and entertain among its natural beauty.

Hand-placed stone and brick are selected to fully integrate with the design. These perfectly paved patios, outdoor rooms, walkways and walls will be an experience unto themselves.

Look to Blendon Gardens, together with Polaris Pavers, to artistically create that ideal space with craftsmanship and attention to detail, giving you a place of both beauty and function.


Landscape — take your space from good to great

Landscaping is truly an exquisite asset not only for its tranquility and beauty but also for its ability to increase property values. A carefully crafted landscape with both function and appeal brings vitality, luxury and style to your home or business.

Blendon Gardens has created award-winning designs since 1968 with an expansive array of unique projects. Our innovative designs are bolstered through our insistence upon quality materials, meticulous installation and dependable service.

Take comfort in knowing that your space will be placed in our capable hands and the end result will be stunning.


Low-Level Lighting — stories told through beams of light

Outdoor illumination is a striking enhancement to your landscape design that compliments an outdoor living space, while embracing its marquee elements.

Polaris Lighting will carefully design and direct your lighting, inspiring a serene ambiance after the sun has set. The variety of fixtures available can provide any environment with aesthetics while increasing your security and peace of mind.


Water Features — relaxing sounds & beauty in movement

These extraordinary pieces are an wonderful source of personal tranquility wrapped in a defining statement. Whether it is a bubbling fountain to ease the mind, the Zen embrace of a koi pond or the impressive cascade of a waterfall, Blendon Gardens will design a water feature to fit your imagination and desire.

With our expertise in custom design and construction, you can be confident that Blendon Gardens will create a one-of-a-kind installation that inspires serenity and sanctuary at your home.